What does an Australian migration assessment involve?


The laws governing migration in Australia are complicated and constantly changing. A free 15-minute migration assessment with an Australian Registered Migration Agent is a worthwhile part of the migration process because it allows you to obtain accurate information for your situation based on the most recent legislation.

Are you an Australian employer or have you been sponsored by one?

If you’re an employer interested in sponsoring skilled applicants, we’ll check to see if your company qualifies, walk you through the process, and answer any questions you have. If an employer is interested in sponsoring you, we will confirm that you meet the skill requirements, explain your options, and answer any questions you may have. To schedule an appointment with a Registered Immigration consultant from Lucas Australian Migration please call our office on +852 52455133 or contact us via the website. Use the phrase ’employer sponsorship’  so that we can quickly identify the type of advice you’re seeking. This evaluation is free of charge.

Do you have an Australian citizen, an Australian permanent resident, or an eligible New Zealand citizen as a partner?

Depending on your situation, you may be eligible for a variety of partner visa options. We’ll assess your situation and determine whether you meet the requirements for a visa application. To schedule an appointment with one of our Registered Immigration consultants in Hong Kong, please call +852 52455133 or contact us. Using the words “partner visa” will help us understand your need within the free 15-minute assessment call.  This allows us to determine whether we can help you, and provide some preliminary advice. Due to the complexity of visa and immigration matters, we will then invite you to continue with an initial consultation.

Beyond your Initial Consultation

We may speak to you about setting up an in-depth consultation so that we can go over your situation in greater detail. Before making any decisions, this consultation will allow you to express your thoughts and feelings as well as obtain the detailed information necessary to understand your case better.

The following is a list of what will be included:

  • An in-depth analysis of your personal or business situation
  • Based on revised migration rules, there will be a discussion about all visa options.
  • Explanation of the requirements and how to apply for a visa
  • If more legal research is required a written summary with suggestions for next steps
  • Information on costs, including government application fees and our application processing fees.

These appointments can be held in person, over Zoom, by email, or over the phone.

To confirm an appointment, a small fee of HK$2000 is paid in advance.  This covers the work we do to fully understand your case, build a work plan and cost the activities for you.  It gives you a full view of all that should be involved in your visa application. The consultation fee will be deducted from the total application fee.

You can refer to the Fees page for more information on how to pay for your consultation.  These consultations are only for those who wish to proceed with a visa application and where there are viable visa options and migration pathways available to them under Australian law.

We are excited to assist you in your migration to Australia.

預訂 30 分鐘簽證評估



香港移民至澳洲 不論對身處香港的市民,家庭或企業,澳洲都可說是移居的熱門地。 澳洲土地遼闊,人口正在擴張,所處位置較接近香港。 澳洲與香港的時區相近,東部及中部的省份只是較香港快兩小時,西部更與香港位在同一時區, 方便身處澳洲的香港公民與仍在香港的家人維持聯繫,亦有助香港公民經營澳洲的業務,更有效持續維持與香港的經貿關係。 靠著臨時簽證前往澳洲的香港公民,能夠透過不同途徑獲取澳洲永久居留權。 只要身在澳洲,某些臨時簽證類別便可獲得優惠待遇。 請即預約15分鐘免費諮詢 視乎情況,閣下或可合資格申請各種澳洲簽證,包括技術、商業、配偶及其他家庭類別。 如需預約我們在港的註冊移民顧問,請致電 +852 52455133 或聯絡我們。 請使用「配偶簽證」、「商業簽證」或「技術簽證」等字詞,助我們在15分鐘免費評估通話中了解閣下的需要。      

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Do you qualify for an Australian Visa?

Book 30 Minute Consultation with an experienced Australian Migration consultant to understand your options.  We can advise you on your options and create an individual work and pricing plan.

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