With more than 25 years legal experience both as an Australian immigration advocate and Tribunal decision-maker, Don Lucas is the principal legal adviser for Lucas Australian Migration. Based in Hong Kong, the firm was established to help people around the world navigate the complicated processes associated with Australian visas and migration issues.

About Don Lucas

Don is an experienced and well-respected Hong Kong-based Australian migration expert helping with all Australian migration enquires and services. Registered with the Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA), Registration Number 9501008, Don’s expertise in Australian immigration law covers the full spectrum of the Australian migration program and all aspects of the Australian visa processes, with a comprehensive, experience-based understanding of how the system operates.

Don is legally qualified, Bachelor of Laws from the University of Melbourne, Australia, (1992) with over 25 years practising experience as an Australian solicitor (1993-2011, 2016-2017) Registered Migration Agent (1995-2011; currently 2021-). He has been an Accredited Specialist in Immigration Law, Law Institute of Victoria (2000-2013, 2016-2021) and has served as a member of the Institute’s Immigration Specialisation Advisory Committee. He has also served under statutory appointment as a migration portfolio Tribunal decision-maker in Australia, deciding reviews of negative immigration decisions on behalf of the Australian government (2011-2016).

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香港移民至澳洲 不論對身處香港的市民,家庭或企業,澳洲都可說是移居的熱門地。 澳洲土地遼闊,人口正在擴張,所處位置較接近香港。 澳洲與香港的時區相近,東部及中部的省份只是較香港快兩小時,西部更與香港位在同一時區, 方便身處澳洲的香港公民與仍在香港的家人維持聯繫,亦有助香港公民經營澳洲的業務,更有效持續維持與香港的經貿關係。 靠著臨時簽證前往澳洲的香港公民,能夠透過不同途徑獲取澳洲永久居留權。 只要身在澳洲,某些臨時簽證類別便可獲得優惠待遇。 請即預約15分鐘免費諮詢 視乎情況,閣下或可合資格申請各種澳洲簽證,包括技術、商業、配偶及其他家庭類別。 如需預約我們在港的註冊移民顧問,請致電 +852 52455133 或聯絡我們。 請使用「配偶簽證」、「商業簽證」或「技術簽證」等字詞,助我們在15分鐘免費評估通話中了解閣下的需要。      

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