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Lucas Australian Migration was established to help people in Hong Kong and around the world navigate the complicated processes associated with Australian Visas and migration issues. With more than 25 years legal experience Don Lucas is the principal legal adviser for the firm.

Don Lucas - Principal of Lucas Australian Migration - Migration Agent in Hong Kong

We help people navigate the Australian Visa and Migration process

As a place to live, Australia provides a wonderful lifestyle with many opportunities for families, individuals and businesses. This is  what draws a lot of people to choose Australia as a migration destination in the first instance. 

The Immigration landscape in Australia is dynamic and with constant shifts and changes, it’s not easy for people to understand the best way to secure their visa.

With so many visa subclasses to choose from, selecting the right visa can be challenging and even overwhelming.  While you may be able to select the right visa for your situation, there may also be other factors that influence your suitability.  That’s where an experienced and legally qualified migration agent can really help understand your unique circumstances and recommend approaches that are most likely to get you the best result. 

We understand how challenging this can be, and we want you to know we are here to help.  We get how important the process can be for you and for your future. 

Start by exploring the most common visa subtypes on our Visas page, and consider booking an exploratory Free 15 Minute Assessment call with one of our migration consultants. 

Do you qualify for an Australian Visa?

Book a Free 15-Minute Assessment call with an experienced Australian Migration consultant to understand your options. 

Our three-stage approach simplifies onboarding

Every migration case is unique and our onboarding process makes it easy for you to decide the right next steps and avoid costly mistakes. It all starts with a free 15 minute assessment call, where we understand more about your case and talk about how our services may help you.

Clients can then choose to proceed to a formal consultation meeting where we understand your history and needs in relation to a visa. This allows us to prepare a full plan of work with costings. This meeting is a fixed price of HK$2000 and by the conclusion, we should be able to give you an estimate of how much work will be involved in your immigration case. We will then provide you with our Costs Agreement in a fixed price, to be invoiced in stages and only after work is completed. There are no up-front fees.

If you agree with the work plan and costings, you sign the agreement and we start work on your case.

Lucas Australian Migration helps clients in Hong Kong prepare and apply for Australian Visas, and manage migration issues.

Free 15-Minute Assessment

Share what you need. We can provide some initial thoughts on where our services may help you and advice where possible. If you like our approach we can proceed to an initial consultation meeting.

Initial Consultation

In our initial consultation we will hear about your history and needs in relation to your matter. We can provide advice regarding your options and provide you an approximate cost estimate. The information we gather will inform a full work costings plan.

Initial Consultation Price HK$2000.

Work Plan & Agreement

The work and costings plan explains what we will do and how much it will cost. This will normally be a fixed fee, payable by instalments throughout the application process. If you’re happy, you sign the agreement and we start work on your application.

Full Pricing outlined in Work Plan

My options were clearly explained and it gave me confidence to apply... and my Visa application was successful!
Joan Citizen